Ashtanga is a dynamic, vigorous, heat-building practice that strengthens and detoxifies, drawing particular attention to the breath. It offers the same series of poses each held for 5 breaths (the primary series). Offering modifications for all abilities.


Vinyassa Flow

Vinyassa can be translated as ‘breath synchronised movement’. So this practice is a light-hearted, creative and dynamic one, where you flow between postures, using the breath. Focusing on strength and flexibility it offers modifications for all abilities and is set to an uplifting soundtrack.

Join us for our Sunrise and Sunset Sessions, a Nurturing take on Vinyassa, the perfect way to start and end the day.



Strengthen the body and calm the mind through a set of unique, dynamic poses. Flow from posture to posture with focus on strength, openness, stillness, awareness and breath.


Candlelit restorative

Restorative Yoga aims to achieve complete physical and mental relaxation. Nurturing, healing and calming. You will be lead through a series of postures supported by blocks, bolsters and blankets. 



Yin yoga is a nurturing, passive selection of postures aimed to target deeper connective tissues within the body. Poses are held from 3-5 minutes to increase flexibility, release tension from the joints and relax the mind. 



Wind down and take things slow. A class that allows you to take your time to flow between postures. Letting you settle deep into each pose, focus on the breath and be mindful of the body. 



Pilates is an exercise technique suitable for all levels of fitness and ages. It helps develop core stability, breathing strength, flexibility, balance co-ordination, posture and alignment injury prevention.


Meditation and Pranayama

A great way to start the day and an accessible practice for everyone! Following some preparatory stretches, you will be taught a series of breathing practices (pranayama), to focus, clear and calm the mind. Then you are guided through a meditation to find a stillness  and help ease anxieties. 

run yoga.jpg

Run and Yoga

Coming in Spring.

Start your weekend off by joining us for an organised 5k beach run. Starting with some gentle stretches our running expert will motivate you through a 5k run. Run at your own pace, no experience necessary, just a pair of trainers. After we will meet back at Samudra Yoga for a lovely stretchy yoga session. Please book you yoga session separately.



A 45 minute yoga class for all of the family. Children of all ages are welcome to join you on the mat for some family yoga. Great as a bonding experience, fun, light-hearted and also great for those wanting to share their love of yoga with their children.

Children are Free to attend.