Kat, the founder of Samudra Yoga, is a 500hr YA registered teacher, studying Ashtanga and Vinyassa Flow in India. Through meditation, pranayama and dynamic asanas, she aims to create uniquely themed flows that are taught in a light-hearted way to students of all levels. Her classes leave students feeling energised, refreshed and renewed in both mind and body. 

Kat teaches with a mostly hands-on approach, offering verbal and physical adjustments and alignment modifications. Her classes are set to a unique soundtrack of uplifting yogic and mainstream music.

Graduating from the Birthlight Training Programme with a Motherhood Teacher Training qualification, Kat offers to support women through yoga for pregnancy, birth, postnatal and for babies, with calming postures and breathing techniques to help support you and baby on your journey.



Becky found herself practicing yoga and meditation in London aged 18, her love of movement and creative sequencing comes from a childhood of contemporary dance. Her philosophy and teachings of yoga stem from a continuing exploration of the Self, our connection to everyone and everything. She is particularly interested in our experience of places and spaces - those we can see, and those which we cannot. 

Becky’s yoga is for every body and all levels of ability. She has experience teaching people who are attending their first class, to those who are trained to teach, people who are suffering from physical and mental ill health, in yoga studios, offices and homes. Becky's intention remains the same throughout: to offer a practice that provides an opportunity for wellness at every layer of the body.

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After a long career in business, Ally decided to change her direction and in 2011 studied humanistic therapy at the Gestalt Centre in London. Gaining an interest in human thought and action, she then travelled to the Himalayas in India to train as a yoga teacher, studying Hatha and Ashtanga styles of yoga under the guidance of Ganga Devi. Incorporating asana practice, personal development, pranayama and meditation.

Ally's method guides students towards achieving their goals in yoga. Working towards postures and creating flexibility in both body and stillness in mind. Catering to people of all types and with goals ranging from flexibility, strength, relaxation  or even just to gain a better quality of life, she works with absolute begginers, sports men and women, the elderly and medically challenged.



David is a highly qualified Yoga Instructor and Teacher Trainer with over 10 years experi- ence. He is committed to teaching a wide range of styles, including Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Yoga Flow, Rocket Yoga, Yin Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. He believes that the practice should always be tailored to suit the individual, placing great emphasis on technique, and how the specific function of each posture can be used to positively serve our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

In his classes, David is both attentive and responsive to the needs of each practitioner. Students can expect plenty of physical adjustments to ensure accuracy and safety, as well as enhance progression. Inviting students to join him on an unhurried and unforced exploration of breath, movement, and yoga's rich philosophy. 

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Ashleigh teaches a gentle and highly effective programme of infant massage. A former writer, she took a step away from tight deadlines and late nights at her desk after becoming a Mother for the second time, and trained with the International Association of Infant Massage to qualify as a Certified Infant Massage Instructor. With a passion for empowering new parents, Ashleigh's classes focus on creating an environment in which parents can connect with their children in a way they may not have found easy to do since birth. 

Ashleigh believes without doubt that learning how to safely and effectively massage their children after birth can radically improve the lives of parents, increase their confidence and improve their relationships with their children, not just in infancy, but for life. 



Caitlin starting practicing yoga as a stressed and slightly overwhelmed mental health nursing trainee. Over time, after trying various styles, she became fascinated with how yoga and mindfulness can be used as tools for promoting positive wellbeing and self compassion, and the way the lessons found within these practices can translate off the mat. She decided to train as a teacher some years later. She has since been teaching yoga and pilates on inpatient mental health wards along with various other settings.

She is an intuitive, compassionate and calm teacher who aims to make her classes accessible to everyone as well as safe and explorative. She enjoys learning and being a student as much as teaching and sees yoga as a continual journey. In her spare time she enjoys beach walks, travel, getting creative and relaxing with a cuppa or a glass of wine. She is trained in Mat Pilates CYQ level 3 and pre and postnatal, mum and baby yoga.