Meditation, prana and yoga nidra 

Saturday 13th October 1-3.30pm

£20 for non-members
£15 for members

In Yoga, the breath is sited as the ‘bridge’ between our body and mind. When we can keep our attention at the flow of breath, it deepens, our nervous system settles, our body relaxes, we have access to the frontal lobes of the brain - that of rationalising, clear thinking…a prime state for meditation. Asana (poses) prepares the body for Pranayama (breath), Pranayama for Meditation, and all of this prepares us for deep healing rest (Yoga Nidra).

During this afternoon workshop, Hannah will share ways to prepare for these practice, guide you through techniques to improve your breathing habits, give you the tools to clear tension & agitation, so we can then settle the mind, observe its movements, see things a little more clearly and find some stillness in a busy world.

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Sunday 28th October 4 - 6.30pm

£20 for non-members
£15 for members

Join us in this gentle workshop focusing on manifesting intentions for the winter. We will be working into the deeper layers of the body and the mind, to create stillness for awareness and space for change. During the 2.5hr workshop, you will be guided through a sequence of breathing and yin yoga poses, accompanied by the sound of crystal singing bowls. This will support a deep meditative state as it taps into all three layers of the body – physical, mental, emotional – and drive deeper shifts of energy and healing.

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Saturday 10th November 1-3.30pm

£20 for non-members
£15 for members

Our lives, work, minds, bodies are always busy, always fluctuating and changing. A supportive yoga practice enables us to ride and respond to these waves of change with a clear mind, steadiness and balance. A dynamic, active yoga practice keeps us healthy, strong and feeling wonderful, but we must balance all this activity by creating time to top up our cup, nourish, settle and deeply rest.

Over this delicious restorative afternoon, we will do just that. Exploring different held asana, combined with mindful releasing breath techniques, and use of as many props as needed to ensure absolute support of the body. When the whole body is truly held - the muscles, fascia and deeply held tensions can release.

As a trained Yoga Therapist, Hannah holds a safe, welcoming space for people to explore what it is to truly let go of what is not serving us, trust and allow ourselves to be held. Expect good chat, good chai and to leave feeling truly refreshed.

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handstand workshop 

Saturday 24th November 1-3.30pm

£20 for non-members
£15 for members

This workshop is designed to help strengthen you in all the right places, so you can safely get into handstand on and off the wall. We will be focussing on posture and alignment as well as body awareness in the key parts of the body involved in a safe and steady handstand balance. We will also touch on the most effective use of your breath and bandha (energy locks) to get you closer to your hand standing goals. This workshop is suitable for people who have a strong practice already but haven’t necessarily progressed into arm balances yet.