Saturday 19th May 1-3.30pm

£20 for non-members
£15 for members

Acro Yoga is a natural extension of a normal yoga practice where two or more yogis work together to create shapes and flows in the air. It's a fun experience that often just feels like play! In this workshop, we will be exploring the foundations of Acro Yoga - building the connection and confidence to trust and support each other in order to achieve some of the beginner postures. 

Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to work with a partner (you don't need to bring a partner but you can if you like!).            

armbalance workshop.jpg

(AGES 5-8)

Saturday 9th June 1-2.30pm

£8 for non-members
£6 for members

A fun yoga workshop just for kids! During which the kids will share a yoga story, have a simple introduction to Sanskrit, practice a simple breathing technique and play a yoga game! 

Warm up their bodies using Sun Salutations. Take a ‘Slow Flow’ through yoga poses that stretch and balance not only the kid’s bodies but also their minds.



pregnancy workshop

Sunday 10th June 1-3.30pm

£20 for non-members
£15 for members

A great, informative workshop for expectant mothers.
An introduction into just what exactly Hypnobirthing is, and what are the benefits, by our resident Hypnobirthing teacher Kate Barrett. There will also be a Pregnancy Yoga class, sharing the incredible benefits of this gentle exercise that will help prepare your body and mind for pregnancy and birth. Finishing with a wonderful calming relaxation session.

No yoga experience is required. From 12 weeks of Pregnancy. 




YOGa for anxiety

Saturday 16th June 1-2.30pm

£20 for non-members
£15 for members

Info coming soon..